Garage Door Repairs in Redditch

Garage Door Repairs in Redditch

Whether as a result of wear and tear, a mechanical malfunction or accidental damage, a malfunctioning door can leave your home and possessions vulnerable. To reduce the inconvenience and risk to your property we offer a prompt garage door repair service in Redditch and the surrounding areas.

Being specialists, we can repair all garage doors including manual, automated and side hinged. First of all we assess the scope of the problem and after that find the best solution to get your door up and running again. We are confident that we can provide a speedy solution to any problem because we have a comprehensive stock of spare parts for all types of doors both new and old. This allows us to carry out the repair on the same day rather than having to wait for a replacement part to be delivered.

If you are looking for a fast and reliable service for garage door repairs you can certainly trust Rhino. With our skilled technicians and vast experience, we guarantee to get your doors back in fully operational condition very shortly.

We can be reached at 01527 – 337015 in Redditch.

Repairs And Spare Parts

We stock a large range of door parts and accessories to allow us to provide you with a complete range of repair, replacement and maintenance services for all types of garage door. With our dedicated team of professionals we can deal effectively with any door problem, from broken hinges to broken springs, worn out rollers, broken weight springs and other rotten or damaged parts. Our engineers and technicians are always on hand to deliver a quick, reliable service that you can depend on.

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